Monday, 6 August 2012

The first 7.4 miles completed!

Well I didn't think we would actually make it as both Mum and I didn't feel great today and the weather forecast wasn't too good but we left regardless. Baby Adam joined us and the three of us set off from Norwich Train Station at 10.30am...

although Adam was already asleep! 
We walked through Riverside and up to Norwich City Football Club and on to Trowse.

Adam finally woke up when we got into the countryside. We stopped for a rest at Whitlingham Country Park and then walked up to the sewage works. This is where we discovered Norfolk does actually have hills!

We also came across our first pushchair related hurdle...

After contemplating how to get a big pushchair through a small gap and then up a bumpy hill we decided to walk around the field via the road. 

We discovered yet more hills and realised a pushchair does not like uneven surfaces. Mum did an excellent job of not letting the pushchair bump off the path! 

 Eventually we came to the river! 
This is where we decided to phone Chris to pick us up and we would attempt the last two miles to Surlingham whilst he was driving. It looked easy on the map! 

Our first obstacle was getting the pushchair through the narrow walkway - not easy with wide wheels...

The second obstacle was the mud...

where my flip flop broke - managed to fix it though 

The third obstacle was water and mud....
but Mum was a formula 1 driver of the
pushchair by now!

The fourth obstacle came in the form of water. The walkway actually went through the river!
There is no photo of how we got through this as it required too many hands. We must note that the driver of the boat that went past us at the time had a very good laugh!

The five obstacle involved two very narrow gates AND a narrow bridge.

There was no way the pushchair was going to fit!

 So Adam had a nappy change and a play whilst Mum dismantled the pushchair and took each part through separately! Our last two miles certainly took a lot longer than we imagined!

However, we finally made it to Surlingham Church - although it took us 4 hours 50 minutes (including a coffee break, lunch break, several wee breaks, nappy changing breaks and the pushchair obstacle course) 

Needless to say that although it was wonderful having Adam with us and he was so wonderfully behaved, the pushchair was not so easy to control! We wanted Adam to be there at the start as this was part of the route that was mostly followed roads but from now on it will just me us two!

Our next leg of the walk will be on Friday when hopefully our legs have recovered! Now off to bed hoping that the fresh air will mean Adam will sleep all night despite him sleeping most of the day!

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