Monday, 13 August 2012

Hot hot hot!

On Friday we completed the next 8 miles of the walk (with an extra detour)!
We started at Surlingham Church and immediately were relieved that we left Adam and the pushchair at home as the ground was marshy. However, the views were specular.
We had two obstacles to overcome this walk 
Obstacle number 1 - the heat. It was such a hot day. Not so bad if you were walking in the shade but a majority of the walk involved open spaces. Mum resorted to wearing her 'funny' hat and I had to put my hair up. The heat zapped a lot of our energy and made the walk harder.

Obstacle number 2 - finding a cup of coffee for my Mum! My Mum has now turned into my Nanny Doris who always wanted a cup of tea whenever we got somewhere (I travelled to Norway with her a few years ago and no matter where we were she didnt care about the view unless she had a cup of tea before hand). It wasnt an issue last walk day as we walked right past Whitlingham Country park that conveniently has a coffee shop. However, we werent so lucky day two - mostly because we set off earlier and came across the issue of pubs not opening until 12pm. We got to the first pub which was closed...
 ...the second pub was closed...

 (although Mum got a bit friendly with the local!)
...the third pub was closed! By this point I thought Mum was going to cry but we realised it opened in 10 minutes. By this point Mum had decided it was too late for a coffee and opted for a coke instead because of the heat!  
 By lunchtime we had got to Rockland Broad and carried on walking to Buckenham Ferry. The majority of the walk would have been impossible with a pushchair! Eventually we got to Langley Abbey where we collapsed with heat exhaustion and very sore legs. There was a light at the end of the walk though - Langley Abbey had a coffee shop and Mum got her coffee!

Chris rewarded me that night with a BBQ, beer and play time with my favourite boy -who has discovered his own version of a kiss!

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  1. i love this, your account of yours and ya mums walk makes me chuckle!! keep up the good work ladies xx