Saturday, 18 August 2012

Broken body

Thursdays walk was the first time my body realised the enormity of walking 35 miles after being bed bound for 9 months. Up until now there have been aches and pains but they always resolve themselves by the next day. However, this walk left me unable to move that night and the next day!

It started off with me sleeping at a funny angle and getting a crooked neck. Each time I moved my shoulder or neck I had a shooting pain go down my back. Then about 1 mile into the walk I had to admit defeat with the flip flops and wear my walking trainers. The wet grass was too long with stinging nettles scattered around and the ground was too uneven. The trainers therefore resulted in blisters. Add on top of this the fact we covered the longest stretch of the walk - my body was not happy! Note to self - do not try a long distance walk again after recovering from 9 months without moving.

Despite all of this the walk went well and we managed to cover 10 1/2 miles! Although we finished the previous walk at Langley Abbey we knew that the next three miles was closed due to flood defence works. So we started our walk at Hardley Staithe.

Luckily there was a good breeze so the walk didnt feel as hot. We walked along the staithe to the river and then followed the river path which is where I had to change into more suitable footwear. 

 After 1 1/4 miles we reached Hardley Cross - which marks the ancient boundary of who controls the river. Depressingly from here we could see Reedham where we were walking to. However, we would have to walk several miles down the River Chet, back up the same river the other side just to go a few hundred yards. Admittedly there was a river in the way but Mum wasnt up for swimming.

Walking along the River Chet we came across Hardley Flood, which according to google is only a metre deep at high tide and has been there since the floods of 1953 (Note to Mum - perhaps we should google these sights before we view them!).

At times there was only a metre between the River Chet and the Hardley flood - although this photo doesnt illustrate that!!

By now we had walked 4 miles and had another mile to walk into Loddon, although we took a slight detour as we ran out of signs! Our reward was to have tea at Loddon Mill - yes my Mum got her coffee on this walk!

We even treated ourselves to cake too!

Starting the walk again was difficult - especially as the signs seems to disappear again. We ended up at Pyes Mill although we have no idea if we were meant to or not - despite there being one of the sculptures.

However, we had Mums map reading skills and we found our way back to the Wherrymans Way route - which took us to my favourite part of the walk. We had to walk through a field of sweetcorn!! As soon as we got over the gate we decided that the stinging nettles were too long and that we would have to walk through the sweetcorn.

Half way through our trek Mum decides to get the map out and we discover the footpath doesnt go around the field where we were walking but diagonally across. By this point we had walked too far so decided to carry on - I was having far too much fun! We did feel like escaped convicts or in our own horror film trying to escape from something! We did stumble across the 'actual' footpath which didnt look half as fun! 

All this time we were heading towards Reedham Ferry - we got excited when we saw Ferry Road - however, this is an extremely long road! It was made worse by seeing our starting point earlier that morning a stones throw away across the river.

Eventually we made it to Reedham Ferry - I dont think my feet could have taken any more! Reedham Ferry is the only remaining vehicular chain ferry in Norfolk (again this is according to google - we thought perhaps the only one remaining in England!).

We even got the Ferry to ourselves!

We had run out of water some time ago so a shandy was in order to quench our thirst at the Reedham Ferry Pub! 

So 10 1/2 miles later my feet would go no further. My shoulder hurt so much I was unable to lift baby Adam up that evening and I ended up going to bed the same time as Adam and slept 12 hours (thank you to my wonderful husband for getting up with Adam!).

Two days later my body is still not happy with me but we are on the home stretch now of the fundraising walk. We are on the correct side of the river so wont have to rely on long lifts in order to start our walks and I have completed the rest of the walk (Reedham to Great Yarmouth) before so we wont be needing to rely so much on the map!

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