Monday, 30 July 2012

Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing this? I ask myself this question several times whenever doing a 'training' walk. Three months ago I couldnt walk up stairs and here I am trying to walk 35 miles! However, this is the reason I am putting myself through this - 
My little boy now 3 months old! We have always wanted a big family but due to Hyperemesis that dream will not become a reality. However, I will not let Hyperemesis stand in the way of me giving my son a little brother or sister. The statistics say I have a 75% chance of suffering from Hyperemesis again. However, I was repeatedly told that Hyperemesis would finish at week 14, then week 16, then week 20 and then finally when I would give birth. Those weeks would come and go yet I was still vomiting despite all the medication I took.It is more than likely we will have to go through Hyperemesis again. 
During my pregnancy very few people saw me - I isolated myself because most stimuli would make me vomit. The downside to this is that very people actually saw how ill I was. Only my close family saw the deterioration. This photograph was taken at the end of August 2011 when I was 4 weeks pregnant - a few days before Hyperemesis kicked in. 
I refused to have my photograph taken because I didn't want to know how it looked to feel like I did. These are the only photographs of my Hyperemesis pregnancy
Week 10 - in hospital with
 my drip - the only time I
ever felt any way
human was in
hospital on a drip. 
Week 20 - Christmas. At last I could sit up 
Week 30 - an attempt to go outside

Back in hospital. Back on a drip. 

So the reason why I am putting myself through the fundraising 35 mile walk is to raise money for the 'Pregnancy Sickness Support' charity because I know at some point in the future I will have to rely on them again in order to complete our family.

You can sponsor my walk at -

To find out more about Hyperemesis and the Pregnancy Sickness Support charity visit -

The date is set for walking for the first section of the Wherryman's Way route - the 6th August - a week today!

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