Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What have I got myself into!

Why did I decide to do a 35 mile walk after 8 months of being bed (well couch) bound, then give birth which required post delivery surgery AND be looking after a 11 week old baby who isn't a great fan of sleeping? Yesterday I went for a walk - I thought I would ease myself into 'training'. I only walked 2 miles. I was exhausted! Today my body feels as if it has done a marathon and my muscles are screaming "what are you doing to us"!

Perhaps 35 miles was optimistic. The only exercise I had when pregnant was walking to the bathroom and back - and even that was always a chore that required an hour of recovery! Despite this though I know I am raising money for such a worthwhile cause. Without the support from the charity (and obviously from my family and medication) life would be very different now. I probably wouldn't be here with my baby boy.

I have so much pent up anger at the Hyperemesis that I feel I need to do something to 'fight' it. Why me? Why didn't my body cope with being pregnant? Why couldn't I have had a normal pregnancy? Being part of the support group for Hyperemesis it is reassuring that other women around the world are asking the same questions.

At each step that I take on the walk I will think of the amazingly strong women I have been in contact with through the charity. For the women who are currently living through the hell of hyperemesis and the survivors of hyperemesis who continue to battle with the aftermath of the condition.

So that is why I have got myself into a 35 mile walk!

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